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Introducing BlueBird Badges: A Creative Venture Crafted with Passion

We are thrilled to present Tilly, our talented and imaginative young entrepreneur, and her inspiring handmade badge business. At a tender age of 8, Tilly has already discovered her love for artistry and creativity, channeling her boundless enthusiasm into crafting unique badges that captivate hearts and minds alike.

BlueBird Badges offers a delightful collection of handmade badges that are sure to bring a touch of whimsy to any occasion. Tilly's passion for creating was ignited by her innate curiosity and desire for personal expression. Armed with an array of colorful fabrics and an infectious smile, she embarked on a journey to turn her artistic vision into a budding Business. Each badge produced by Tilly is a testament to her artistic prowess and attention to detail. With a meticulous eye for design and a flair for incorporating diverse themes, her creations effortlessly blend elegance, whimsy, and a touch of magic. From enchanting floral patterns to adorable animal motifs, Tilly's badges showcase her artistic versatility and dedication to crafting pieces that resonate with everybody. They are unique and special, just like our Tilly.


We invite you to explore Tilly's Handmade Badge Business and experience the magic of her creations firsthand. Whether you're seeking a special gift for a loved one or a whimsical accessory to brighten your day, Tilly's badges will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Join us in celebrating this young entrepreneur's remarkable talent and entrepreneurial spirit as she embarks on a creative journey filled with endless possibilities.

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